Personal Injury

Personal Injury is when harm is caused to an individual because another individual failed to use reasonable care. It comes about due to the negligence of another party. Under personal injury law, the injured party can file a lawsuit to seek compensation for the damages that they have suffered. Personal injury claims are:


Auto Accident

Slip and Fall

Bicycle Accident

Wrongful Death




Under personal injury law, the person injured may be entitled to economic and non-economic damages.  Compensation is available for pain and suffering, medical costs, lost wages and more. 

Proving a personal injury case and the damages that have accumulated is a difficult process.  A personal injury lawyer will provide legal representation and recover the maximum amount for damages. 

At Executive Law Office, our experienced attorneys are dedicated to serve our clients and their best interest. Our goal is to help clients obtain the justice and compensation they deserve for the damages that they have suffered.

There are time limitations in which an individual can bring a claim for compensation so it is important that you act fast.  Call Khach Law Group today for a free consultation.